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Bierwirth Genealogy

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Descendants of Andrew Bierwirth
Rensselaer County, NY

Andreas W. Bierwirth (b. 1/18/1821, d. 1902) was a descendant of George Beroward, an officer in Sweden's King Gustav Adolph's army who settled in the area of "Germany" about 1630 following the Swedish conquest of "German" (Prussian) territory. Andreas himself was an immigrant, coming to America from "Germany" with his first wife Antoinette and their six children in 1861. Settling in Petersburgh, NY, in eastern Rensselaer County, his homestead is listed on an 1876 map of Petersburgh. (Scroll down to bottom of map, see "A. Bierwirth" beneath "Dist. No. 2".) It appears his first wife passed away at some point and his second wife, Rena Cordes, also from Germany (of which nothing more is known) bore him a son, Alec; she being homesick for her homeland, it is is told that he returned with her and came back alone. He married his third wife Florence Myrtle Cook (see photo below) about 1894, he being in his mid-70's and she around fourteen, and had three more sons by her, Charles, Otto, and Joseph. Andrew died in 1902, and is buried in a small family cemetery near the original Bierwirth farm property now listed as the "Petersburgh -Amos Babcock" cemetery.

"Germany to America, List of Passengers Arriving at U.S. ports, Vol. 14"

Disembarking from the Hammonia, from Hamburg and Southampton, April 30, 1861:

Andrew Bierwirth, 40, farmer
Antoinette Rudolph Bierwirth, 46
Clara, 22
Andr., 16
Eduard, 14
Marie, 7
Therese, 6
Joseph (Josephine?), 4

(See maps of historical Prussia:
and map of 1700s and 1800s German and Russian settlement: )


Lydia (Vincent) LaMere whose mother was Theresa (Bierwirth) Vincent Freund, told me many years ago that her Bierwirth ancestor came from Germany in the mid-nineteenth century. He was a musician and became a member of Doring's Band of Troy, NY. She said his brother was a stowaway on the same ship. Like many other German families who settled in rural Renssealer County, they soon intermarried with families already there. Other related names are Church, O'Dell and Nugent. - excerpt from "The Families of Petersburgh, NY," ©1991 by Hilda M. Allen, p. 4.

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Bierwirth Family Tree Genealogical Charts

Three brothers: Joseph, Otto and Charles Bierwirth, 1970


Genealogical chart is arranged chronologically as much as possible from bottom to top and left to right with earliest births and events at bottom left of chart. In the interest of conserving space surnames of all bearing the Bierwirth name are omitted in the chart.

In the interest of minimizing personal security risks, the genealogy does not show middle names or birth dates beyond 1920. Anyone wishing not to have their names listed please e-mail for removal.

0 Generation I Child 1 II GChild 2 III GGChild 3 IV GGGChild 4 V GGGGChild 5
Florence Myrtle Cook Bierwirth + Fred Crandall Lydia Crandall + Stanley Nordon Stanley      
Eugene Stanley

Andrew + (3)

Myrtle Cook

Joseph (b.1901) +
Elizabeth Burdick
Ronald +
Majorie Decker
Gail +? Wilcox Ralph Wilcox
Gloria + Mike Arya Mark Ayra + Michelle Cameron Ayra
Thailene Ayra + ? Gavin Colin Gavin
Michael Ayra + Allison Caroline Ayra
Isabelle Ayra
Dylan Ayra
Matthew Ayra
Joyce +
James Morgan
Julia Morgan
Joyce +
(2) Louis Church
Lawrence Church, Jr.
Louis Church, Jr.
Joseph +
Mary Lackey
Otto (1899-1982) +
Esther Church (1905-1996)
[See Otto's 1900 census enumeration below]
Patience +
Willard Dougherty
Thomas +
Catherine Eldred
Theresa +
Todd Dunlop
Jonathan Dunlop
Lindsay Dunlop
Lisa Dunlop
Kathleen +
Jeffery Brown
Jacob Brown
Megan Brown
James +
Fumiko Tannifuji
**** + ? ****
Jean +
Paul Stephenson
Joshua Stephenson
Fumiko Stephenson
William Stephenson
Jessica +
Charles Wilkerson
Jacob Wilkerson
Jessica DeAnn
Jennifer +
Lyle Hancock
Sebastian Hancock
Jodie Hancock
Lyle Jonathan
Jill +
Julie +
R.L. Russell
Christina Russell
James Russell
Jean +
Bazil Bornt
Susanne Bornt +
Everett Oaks
Amanda Oaks
Daniel Bornt
Charles (b.1897) +
Adrian +(2) Betty
Adrian +(1) Barbara Blake Max +Pamela Jared
Andrew + (2)
Rena Cordes

Alec [Alex] (b.1893) +
Natalie Wells

Alec Bierwirth - Clearwater, Fla., Dec. 1960

Robert* + (1)
Alice Nugent
Bierwith without 'r')

Janet +
? Johnston
Robert + (2)
Ann Ellen Nugent
0 Generation I Child
II GChild
III GGChild 3 IV GGGChild 4 V GGGGChild 5

0 Generation I Child
II GChild 2 III GGChild 3 IV GGGChild 4 V GGGGChild 5 VI GGGGGChild 6 VII
Andrew ["Andreas"]
(1821-1902) +(1) Antoinette Rudolph (1815?-?)

Josephine (1858-1939) + Andrew Martin


Panzy Martin          
Andrew B. Martin (1883-1953)
Theresa ["Therese"] (1852 [or 1855]-1914) +Norm Green (1844-1914) Fritz Green (1880-1913) Mildred Green + Schemerhorn
Lorenzo Green  
Mary C. Green (1871-1914) +Fred Tilley Earl Stanley Tilley +Esther Babcock Holly Tilley
Dany Tilley +Joanne Harrington
Gary Tilley
Jane Tilley +Walter LeBaron
Harry Tilley  
Lester Tilley  
Clarence Tilley  
Edna Tilley  
Mary Tilley  
Pansy Tilley  
Jesse Tilley  
Hazel Tilley  
Nettie Tilley  
Edward +(2) Polly Weeden (1839-1923)
Twins - d. infants          
Edward, Jr. (1887-1956) Viola  
Edith + Harold Lohnes Agnes Lohnes
Barbara Lohnes
Eleanor Lohnes
Edward ["Eduard"] (1851 [or 1847]-1925) + ? "Grobecker?"


Florence +McGinnis


Leon McGinnis



Marlene McGinnis +Glenn Banks      
Minnie McGinnis Harold Doyle  
Roy McGinnis        
Minnie +Loux Dorothy Loux        
John George +Margaret Dailey (1905-1994) Robert +(2) Gloria ?      
Robert +Sheila ? ? female
George, Jr. +Jeanne Boylan Richard +Melody Hale Ryan  
William +Jennifer DeRaps William  

Dennis +(2) Cheryl

Dennis +(1) Morgane Henry Dennis, Jr. + Kasey Bradley Anthony
Daniel +(2) Kitty Arnett Daniel  
Daniel +Lisa Green Leslie  
Kathleen +(2) Norman Clark Scott Clark  
Robert Clark  
Kathleen +Timothy Stokes Timothy Stokes  
George III +Sherree Samuel  
George IV  
Nathan (1902-1972) Mary Alice      
Margaret +? Benkowski      
Della +Al Kyer George Kyer      
Marjorie Kyer      


Theresa (1884-?) +Edwin W. Vincent

John Vincent +Grace Church        
Lydia Vincent +Oscar Lamere Roger Lamere +Etta Hodges      
Jean Lamere +Gordon O'Dell      
Earl Lamere      
Edward Vincent        
Darius (1875-1925)          
Lucinda (1873-1933) +Wesley Weedon          
Andrew (1871-1958) +Esther Elizabeth (Libby) Church (1878-1918) Esther (died infant)        
Hazel +Chester Sapino Aileen Sapino +Hewison      
Theodore Sapino
Chester Sapino, Jr.
Gladys +Gilbert Niles Robert Niles      
Earl Niles      
Jean Niles +Fowler      
Doris Niles +William St. Hilaire Kathryn St. Hilaire + William Harrington Kacey Harrington  
Jason Harrington + Doreen Abney William Harrington
Lucille St. Hilaire + Joseph Farrara Theresa Farrara + John Franklin Jade Franklin
Joshua Franklin
Desi Farrara + Alex Farrara
Kyle Irick
Mildred +Williams        
Mary ["Marie"] C. (1849 [or 1854]-1885) +F.W. Cordes Frederick W. Cordes (1870-1943)    
"Andr." (1845?-?)
Clara (1839?-?)

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