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Bierwirth Family Tree

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Text of Charles Bierwirth's 1972 Letter to Hermann Bierwirth in Germany


Fairfield, Connecticut
17 April, 1972

Mr. Herman Bierwirth
Bilehausen, W. Germany

My Dear Kinsman,

Greetings: - I am Charles Bierwirth of Fairfield, Connecticut (adjacent to Bridgeport) and I know you have been expecting to hear from me, so without further delay, here is my first communication and I hope this may please you as indeed I was pleased to have a look at our family tree, from about 1630 A.D., when GEORG BEROWARD came to Germany, an officer in King Gustaf Adolf's Army., from Sweden and thereafter settled in Germany, where the family name became Bierwirth.

This is very interesting to me and I must thank you for getting this information together for your friend, Dr. Erich Bierwirth, whose daughter, Mrs. Estelle of Southport, Connecticut, has brought the whole thing to my attention.

From your outline, this family tree indicates that your grandfather HERMANN was a nephew to my father ANDREAS (1/18/1821) who came and settled here in the United States of America.

Sorry, I cannot give full details as to exact dates etc., but this much I believe to be true:

My father, shortly after coming to America, joined the Army (Co.K.93 Reg. N.Y.V.) and fought in our Civil War of 1861 - 65 under the name ANDREW BIERWICK. He had previously been married and therefrom issued four children at least, who have long since been laid to rest here in America, namely -

1 son - 3 daughters

  • Edward................Birthday (?)
  • Mary C................Born 1849
  • Josephine M.........Born 1858
  • Theresa B.............Born 1882

After which Andrew A. Bierwirth, about 1894 A.D. again entered into marriage with a very young woman who bore him three sons viz

  • Charles.................Born 1897 (me)
  • Otto..................... Born 1899
  • Joseph..................Born 1901

Thereafter, my father Andrew A. Bierwirth ws laid to rest 1902 A.D.

Now as to myself Charles, eldest son of Andrew"s second marriage, I was born 12 April 1897, and first maried 13 May, 1925. Result: 2 sons, born in Bridgeport, Connecticut:

  • Homer...................(xx xx xxxx)
  • Adrian...................(xx xx xxxx)

Homer now living in Phoenix, Arizona and Adrian is living in California.

My brother, Otto, born 1899, is now living in Florida. He has had three sons and two daughters, of whom two sons are living, one in the State of Mississippi, and the other in New York State. I shall give brother Otto a copy of this letter so he will be aware of family information as herein disclosed and so he will be in position to fill in any further details which I may have missed. By the way, I'm sure he too, will be happy to get in on all this "tree climbing" with us.

My youngest brother, Joseph, (born 1901) married and lives in New York State. He has had several girls and no boys, so his branch cannot be extended in family tree lingo. (Ed. note: this paragraph incorrect. Joseph has had two sons, Joseph and Ronald. See Andrew Bierwirth Genealogy page.)

Now again Hermann, I wish to thank you for this family enlightenment, which you have so kindly provided.

If after all this, you may feel disposed to write to me soon, I shall be grateful if you could send along even a small piece of a Road Map, or its equivalent, showing location of both GIEBOLDEHAUSEN AND BILSHAUSEN which I imagine are somewhere near to HANOVER in West Germany.

Now with my thanks and best wishes.

Sincerely yours,
Bro. Charlie
Charles Bierwirth



  • Dr. Erich Bierwith
  • Mrs. Estelle Weems
  • Otto F. Bierwirth


Dear Bro.

I just had a zerex copy of the aforementioned family tree diagram made for you, which will be enclosed, giving you the picture of our lineage from the year 1630 A.D. as I now see it.

May I hear your comments.

With love,

Brother Charles

Bierwirth Family Tree in Germany

(formatted in table form from original diagram)

Georg Beroward Georg, Jr. Georg              
Johann Adam Stephan Anton          
Ferdinand (b. 7/17/1782) Heinrich Elise      
Hermann Ernst    
Otto Rosemarie  
Otto Andre
Hermann Ernst

Andreas (b. 1/18/1821)

(See Bierwirth Genealogy, click on link from Andreas [Andrew] at left)

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