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Bierwirth Family Tree

The Otto Bierwirth Family

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Otto's Projects

Otto's reputation as a "jack-of-all trades" builder and an exacting finish carpenter was well known throughout the eastern Rensselaer County towns of New York State. In his younger years he worked on the construction of "the Trail," that twisting section of Route 2 between Troy and Williamstown, Mass. winding up to the top of Petersburgh Pass from the Little Hoosick River valley below. When the family was living in Troy for a while, he drove the "Black Horse Ale" trucks on a circuit from Albany to Montreal for the George B. Lee Trucking Company. During the World War II years he rode a motor pool daily from Hoosick Falls to the Watervliet Arsenal which manufactered munitions for the war effort.

But his real love was in the carpentry projects that he completed for many homeowners in the area. His craftmanship reached a zenith in the building of the Assembly of God Church in North Hoosick (now the Cornerstone Fellowship), in which he played a major role and was justifiably proud. Here is a list, probably by no means complete and in no particular order, of some of those many projects:


wd_globe Ruth and Chuck O'Neill, Willow St., Hoosick Falls
- remodeled downstairs, built new kitchen

wd_globe Paul Warfield house, Shaftsbury, Vt.
- started slab & built the whole house: 2-1/2 months

wd_globe Joe Neadeau, No. Bennington, Vt.
- built cinder block office and showroom
- put foundation under barn & repaired bellied roof

wd_globe Albany Felt Co. factory building
Stanley Ford house, Ashworth barn
- for Jack Laplan

wd_globe "Undergarment" factory building, Hoosick Falls, NY
- worked throughout building for Style Smith

wd_globe Power's Market, No. Bennington, Vt.
-built porch over round front brick columns, and built apartments

wd_globe Lawrence Powers house, No. Bennington, Vt.
- worked on house from ground up

wd_globe Ed White residence, No. Bennington, Vt.
- built sun porch and installed flagstone floor

wd_globe Ernest Cornwaithe house, Grafton, NY
- built house from foundation up

wd_globe John Johanneson, Cambridge, NY
- built kitchen

wd_globe George McKearin, Sr., Hoosick Falls, NY
- remodeling and assistance to the noted expert on Corning glassware
and antique collector at his Hoosick Falls residence on Parsons Ave.

wd_globe Paul Grogan
- bookcases to match existing woodwork

wd_globe Hoosac School, Hoosick, NY
- worked with contractor Jim Frost's father on
building and remodeling on the private school's campus

wd_globe Raymond and Helen Jones house, Hoosick Falls, NY
- remodeling

wd_globe Harold and Bessie Cutler house, Hoosick Falls, NY
- remodeling to their house and little house next door

wd_globe Charles Summers, W. Grafton, NY
- built kitchens

wd_globe Sherman and Emma Jane Cottrell house, Hoosick Falls, NY
- remodeling

wd_globe Ernest and Esther Tilley house, Hoosick, NY

wd_globe Walter Winnie house, Hoosick, NY
- remodeling

wd_globe Fred Corliss house, Grandview St., Bennington, Vt.
- basement, attic, and front porch

wd_globe Clarence and Henrietta Thomas house, Petersburgh, NY
- built kitchen

wd_globe Mountaintop House, Grafton, NY
- old icehouse shed was built onto house; cut roof off,
jacked up shed, and built bedrooms upstairs.

wd_globe Ralph Morrison
- built kitchen in woodshed

wd_globe "Doc" and Nellie Armstrong house, Bennington, Vt.
- built sun porch, office, made casement windows,
and hardwood floor in bedrooms and halls

wd_globe Jack Simmons, Main St., Bennington, Vt.
- remodeling, built a stairway, changed rooms, etc.

wd_globe Castle House, Berlin, NY

wd_globe Quackenbush house, Parsons & Snow, Hoosick Falls, NY

wd_globe Fred Peters house, Parsons Ave., Hoosick Falls, NY

wd_globe Guidon place, Johnson Hill Rd., Hoosick Falls, NY

wd_globe Monahan house, Hoosick Falls, NY

wd_globe Frank Church family house, Petersburgh, NY
- remodeling

wd_globe Green's Evergreen Farm house, No. Petersburgh, NY
- remodeling

wd_globe Assembly of God Church building, Hoosick Falls, NY
- construction and finishing

wd_globe Bierwirth family house, 18 Rensselaer St., Hoosick Falls, NY
- complete remodeling, built 2-1/2 car 2-story garage with workshop,
and 16' home-made travel trailer

wd_globe Bierwirth family house, Hudson, Florida
- built house and separate apartment

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